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Recent Experience:

Head Environment Artist :: Idol Minds
8/2001 - Present
During my 12+ years at Idol Minds I have worked on a large variety of products from realistic next generation PS3 titles to sprite animated mobile puzzle games. I started my career in games designing user interfaces from my background in graphic design and expanded my skill set into 3D and worked my way up to being the head of the Environment Department along with being the UI creative director. During this time I have been responsible for multiple areas including:

Environment Art:

  • Lead Environment Position which includes scheduling, quality control, training, troubleshooting, coordination between departments
  • Building level assets that include exterior and interiors of buildings, interior levels, destructible and non-destructible props, and collectible items
  • Texture creation and application that include normal and specular maps
  • Multiple technical aspects that include use of HAVOK and Unity, shader implementation, item, character and VFX placement, sound tagging, and application of scripting nodes
  • Scene lighting and AO maps
  • Animation of environmental assets
  • iOS game development including 3D rendering, sprite animation, menu and game screens

Additional responsibilities also include:
  • User interface design for PS2, PS3 and mobile titles
  • User interface creative director for the studio
  • Level Design
  • VFX creation for PS3 title PAIN and iOS game Linked Together
  • Company graphic design, logo creation, promotional and pitch materials